My Name is Jaimi MacDonald and In 2008 my wife and I decided it was time to put our years of experience with animals to good use.

We had several years of assisting people with K-9 behavioral problems on a day to day basis through our work with the Fort McMurray SPCA (1987-1997), Sandra as the Cruelty Officer and Myself as Manager.

We have participated in many programs over the years with our own dogs including; obedience classes, Canine Good Citizenship, Pet therapy,Canine First Aid and Competitive Agility before making the decision to become "Certified Professional Dog Trainers.

The Program we took was in Victoria BC, it was a challenging fun filled 3 Months of  hands on training with over 70 dogs of all types, sizes and dispositions, canine psychology and obedience/behavioral training theory. You can visit www.wonderdogs.bc.ca

The picture below was taken in D.T. Victoria on one of our training days, about 6 weeks into the course.

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